Saturday, January 2, 2010

Annual Letter to Family and Friends

Wow! As I pause from my busy schedule to write my annual Christmas letter I find myself enjoying a hot cup of homemade apple cider, listening to Christmas music and reflecting on the wonders of this past year. I am finding it hard to figure out where to begin, so I'll start where I left off last year.

I am still working for Grace Clinic and finding new challenges every week. I love my job because it gives me a feeling of joy and accomplishment. The clinic is doing well and we are now serving even more people and we have five employees and three work study students. We are looking to hire two more work study students and we are still praying to find two full time nurses. We had two nurses for a little while but do to other obligations they were unable to stay working full time. They both still volunteer for the clinic and are a great help. Please pray that we will be able to find their replacements soon. All our volunteers are such a vital part of the clinic and they are truly a blessing to help meet the needs of those who come through our doors every week. We know that God is good, He will bring more help, and He is faithful to complete the good work He has started within each of us.

My parents are doing very well and have been making updates to their house as well as spending time being grandparents to five little boys. Izaak, Kynda, and Caden are doing well and still enjoying Reno. I got to go spend about a week with them in April of this year and really enjoyed hanging out with them. It is hard at times to have them so far away, but at least I can hop on a plane and be there in just a few hours. Caden is growing up so quickly and he is such a delight to talk to on the phone. I am looking forward to seeing them here very soon. They will be here around the New Year. Lisa and Josh have four wonderful boys who keep them very busy. Chester has started kindergarten, William is still in pre-school, Markus and Joshua Jr. are at home keeping Lisa busy. As you can tell I just love spending time with my family!

Well this year has brought me a huge change in that I bought my first home! Preacher and I are now living in a three bedroom, two bath home on nearly an acre and a half. It is a brand new home so I have a ton of landscaping to do, but because it is winter some of it will have to wait until this coming spring. Preacher has adjusted well to the new place but we are still having a battle over the kitchen. He just doesn't want to stay out of it, which makes me laugh sometimes and other times I want to cream him. Oh well, he will learn eventually.

I hosted Thanksgiving in my new place this year and let me tell you it was such a joy to have my house filled with my family and friends. There were thirteen of us for dinner and let me tell you I now appreciate mom even more for all the hard work she did every Thanksgiving to make it such a wonderful time. I had her come and help me since this was my first time making a turkey and learning how to be a good hostess. Mom found out that she likes my kitchen just as much as I do. It was such a blessing to have Mark and his family come for Thanksgiving.

Yes, Mark and I are still together and he is a blessing to me! He brings me such joy and I love spending time with him any chance I get. In fact he is here right now as I write this letter. He has a tendency to know just the right times to come over, usually when I am making dinner or just needing some company. I have been reading him this letter to make sure I haven't left anything out. Mark and his parents have been a great joy to me this year! They have encouraged me to pursue my goals and dreams. I feel like I am blossoming into the woman that God has created me to be. Mark got me a piano from good friends of his and Mark's dad and mom helped to restore it to its former glory. It sounds so wonderful to have music in my house. I find myself sitting down and just playing and singing what comes into my mind. The joy that is filling my life is indescribable!

That is all that has taken place in a nut shell this year. I am excited to see what the New Year will hold for me. I hope that this letter finds each of you in good health and surrounded by family and friends that will encourage you to shoot for your dreams too! May God bless each one of you and shine His face upon you this year! I will continue to lift each of you up in my prayers this coming year as I pray you will do the same for me!

Monday, December 7, 2009

My First Place!

Wow! It has been a long time since I have blogged. I have been extremely busy with work and purchasing my first place. I start my journey towards buying a home at the end of May and I moved into my home at the end of October. I thought I would show everyone a brief glimpse of how the process when from nothing to a home. I will admit that this process took a lot longer than we thought it was going to, but the wait and pressures were worth it!

I have approx. an acre and a half. You can see the earth being moved so the foundations can be laid. After the foundation was laid it was only a matter of weeks and the house was ready for me to move in! I even had my keys, but unable to move in because of the waiting game!
The only problems after that point was the financial institutions not moving quick enough to get me in my the end of summer. So I had to wait sign papers, wait and sign more papers, and wait some more. My journey ended the last week in October when I got a horrible cold and had to move all of my things from four different locations to the final destination of my home! There is still much work to be done both inside and out, but I now of plenty of time to figure it all out, oh about 30 years or so. God has been so good to me and I am thankful for my home and I am looking forward to entertaining my friends and family. Which I did once already for Thanksgiving! I will post again soon, when I get my Internet hooked up and I don't have to borrow my parents. Blessings upon all who read this and their families.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Waiting Game

Wow! It's been a while since I have written on my blog. So much is changing so quickly I seem to be losing track of time. Some of the biggest news is that I am in the process of buying my first home. I have already been pre-approved and now I am waiting on the second appraisal of the land. Then the fun part begins! My house is a manufactured home that will be placed on nearly 1.5 acres. Let me tell you both Preacher and I are excited about the prospect of getting out of this one bedroom apartment and moving into a three bedroom two bath home with room to stretch and run around. As the process moves forward I will start taking pictures and update you all. In the mean time I am occupied by work, boyfriend, gym, church, and so much more. The Creator is good and faithful I am excited to see what each day brings.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Well I have been on vacation now for several days and let me tell you it is wonderful. I am in Reno, NV visiting my brother and his family and it has been great. It is amazing how quickly Caden has grown and oh how he makes me laugh. This vacation has given me time to reflect and just get prospective on everyday life and how important people are in our lives. Sometimes I lose sight of the fact that family and friends are there to help you become the person we were created to be. I know this is a brief post, but I have lots of reading and relaxing to do so until next time, give someone you love a hug!

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Long Wait is Over!

The long awaited picture that so many of you have asked for, Mark and I. He is an amazing man with such a big heart. Our Creator has been good to me! He has blessed me with so many wonderful people in my life and I am eternally thankful for His love.

My life has been changing so much lately that I feel as though at times I must stop and just breath. Just with in the last month there are friends moving away, friends coming, and those who continue to give great advise. There have been times lately that I feel overwhelmed with the volume of change that this year has brought, but I do know that everything will work out!

Change is becoming a way of life for me whether I wanted it that way or not, but that is okay with me right now. I hope that I continue to grow and adapt to change so that way I wont become hardened towards the next move the Creator has in store for all of us. It seems that we need to learn to embrace change and make it apart of our lives. However, when it does feel a little overwhelming take time to stop, breath and evaluate the amazing things in your life and the people who make you feel wonderful. So I will leave you all with this... love is the greatest gift we could ever give or receive!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Change 2009

So on to the sequel of the last post. It seems as though things have changed so much I don't always know were to start. The challenges that seem to be coming towards me lately only strengthen my resolve to move forward and see what the Creator is doing. Today, is my mom's birthday so I must first start by showing her my love and respect for all she has done for me! She is the most amazing mom and I am glad the Creator let her be mine! Love you mom! I have been thinking a lot about love and what it means in different settings. Just like I love me mom for all she does and continues to do for all those around her, but she also is the most amazing individual with awesome ideas for the creative arts. I love my dad because he has taught me to never give up on my dreams and the goals that are in my heart and mind. I love my brother for always going to pizza hut with me when I needed a friend to talk to about life. There are numerous people that I love deeply for who they are and the part they play in my life, but what is love? To love someone is to allow them to gain a place in your heart which can be very exciting and scary at the same time. It seems that my boyfriend Mark has done just that, he has captured a part of my heart. So once again change! I find that as I search to discover me, the Creator has placed people in my life to challenge me to discover what true love is! This year is a year of change and uncertainty for so many of us, but it is also the year to discover the love of the Creator and all those He places in our lives. So I will challenge everyone with this, what part of your heart is captured and by whom?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Reflections of the last year

Wow! There is so much that has happened in this past year that I am amazed at the growth in my life. I have faced many challenges that have forced me to grow and look ahead to the changes that will be coming this year. When it seems that the Creator is so far a way all it takes is me changing my perspective and I can see that He hasn't moved it was me. The challenges that I have faced seem to have grown up over night and as quickly as they came they have gone. There seems to be a theme for this coming year 2009 and that is change. However, for me change began this past year. I have had many life changing things take place. I have met a wonderful man who never ceases to make me smile and laugh until my sides hurt. It seems that the Creator knew exactly what He was doing when He placed Mark into my life. This past year has been a challenge that is teaching me to reach deep within to all that He has placed within me to cope with change. There is so much more to say, but I don't have enough time to spend today listing the changes and reflections so I will continue to write when time allows.

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Intimacy with the Creator
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